24 Retail Stocks With the Highest Dependency on Q4

by Christina Lavingia November 25, 2015
November 25, 2015

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We’re fast approaching the holiday season, which starts with Thanksgiving and — sometimes on the same day — evolves into the shopping spree that characterizes the gift-giving season.

Just as shoppers will be looking for the right gift at the best price, retailers will be looking to attract the most sales. After all, Black Friday is deemed as such because it’s the day many retailers go from the red (negative profit) to the black (net profit). However, some stores rely more on the holiday season than others. You might be surprised to learn that Domino’s Pizza earns about a third of its total revenue in the fourth calendar quarter (the period from Oct. 1 and Dec. 31).

With this in mind, FindTheCompany wanted to see which retailers rely most on revenue from this time of year. To do this, the team looked at fourth calendar quarter revenue for retail companies in 2014 and compared that sum to their total annual revenue, as provided by FinancialContent and Zacks Investment Research. To be included, stocks had to be currently traded. Every company is listed on U.S. exchanges and earns at least 30 percent of its annual earnings in Q4.

#24. Mecox Lane Limited

Ticker: MCOXTotal revenue: $ 49,600,000Q4 revenue: $ 14,925,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 30.1%

A company based in the Peoples Republic of China, Mecox Lane Limited sells beauty and health products.

#23. Bebe Stores Inc.

Ticker: BEBETotal revenue: $ 427,997,000Q4 revenue: $ 128,914,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 30.1%

The women’s retailer sells dresses and fashionable casual wear, along with accessories.

#22. JD.com Inc.

Ticker: JDTotal revenue: $ 18,535,010,000Q4 revenue: $ 5,595,856,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 30.2%

Headquartered in Beijing, this e-commerce company focuses on electronic products.

#21. Fossil Group Inc.

Ticker: FOSLTotal revenue: $ 3,509,691,000Q4 revenue: $ 1,064,845,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 30.3%

This manufacturer specializes in accessories, including sunglasses, handbags, belts and more.

#20. Liberty Media Corporation

Ticker: LVNTATotal revenue: $ 10,499,000,000Q4 revenue: $ 3,252,000,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 31%

The mass media company has holdings in Time Warner, Viacom and Sirius XM Radio within its Liberty Capital division. The Atlanta Braves MLB team is another notable franchise it owns.

#19. Wayfair LLC

Ticker: WTotal revenue: $ 1,318,951,000Q4 revenue: $ 408,619,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 31%

Focused on furnishings, toys and luggage, Wayfair operates as an online retailer.

#18. HSN Inc.

Ticker: HSNITotal revenue: $ 3,587,995,000Q4 revenue: $ 1,117,894,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 31.3%

Much like Overstock or Amazon, HSN Inc. sells everything from electronics to crafts, beauty products, apparel and jewelry.

#17. Hhgregg Inc.

Ticker: HGGTotal revenue: $ 2,129,374,000Q4 revenue: $ 665,616,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 31.3%

This retailer is focused on your home appliance and consumer electronic purchases. For the newlyweds or tech aficionado on your gift list, this retailer could have what you’re looking for.

#16. Overstock.com Inc.

Ticker: OSTKTotal revenue: $ 1,497,103,000Q4 revenue: $ 470,360,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 31.4%

Overstock.com is already offering 60 percent off doorbusters on a variety of its products. Items carried range from home furnishings to jewelry, cookware, bedding and more.

#15. Movado Group Inc.

Ticker: MOVTotal revenue: $ 586,980,000Q4 revenue: $ 188,557,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 32.1%

Movado’s upscale watches add elegance to any outfit. Considering how popular the brand is — and its luxury clientele — the uptick in earnings isn’t surprising.

#14. Groupon Inc.

Ticker: GRPNTotal revenue: $ 3,191,688,000Q4 revenue: $ 1,032,793,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 32.4%

It’s no wonder that Groupon experiences heightened sales when people are most budget-conscious. The company offers deals on gifts, memberships and activities.

#13. Boot Barn Holdings

Ticker: BOOTTotal revenue: $ 402,684,000Q4 revenue: $ 130,523,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 32.4%

The footwear company saw a boost of almost a third in revenue between just Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 of last year.

#12. Zulily Inc.

Ticker: ZUTotal revenue: $ 1,200,079,000Q4 revenue: $ 391,349,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 32.6%

This American e-commerce company sells everything from apparel to toys.

#11. Amazon.com Inc.

Ticker: AMZNTotal revenue: $ 88,988,000,000Q4 revenue: $ 29,328,000,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 33%

The online mega retailer just released its biggest Black Friday specials. Although it’s always a popular shopping destination on the Web, the holidays provide it with the biggest revenue boost.

#10. Gaiam Inc.

Ticker: GAIATotal revenue: $ 166,694,000Q4 revenue: $ 55,376,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 33.2%

If you’re a yogi or have a friend who’s one, you might be contributing to Gaiam Inc.’s bottom line this holiday season.

#9. Blue Nile Inc.

Ticker: NILETotal revenue: $ 473,516,000Q4 revenue: $ 157,459,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 33.3%

Those looking for a luxury gift might turn to Blue Nile Inc. this holiday season. The retailer specializes in jewelry and is the largest online diamond seller, according to its website.

#8. Tuesday Morning

Ticker: TUESTotal revenue: $ 906,365,000Q4 revenue: $ 301,401,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 33.3%

The discount, big-box retailer provides everything from kitchen supplies to home furnishings and outdoor equipment.

#7. Build-a-Bear Workshops

Ticker: BBWTotal revenue: $ 392,354,000Q4 revenue: $ 131,503,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 33.5%

A common fixture in malls across America, Build-a-Bear Workshops provide children with the magical opportunity to create stuffed animals from scratch.

#6. Alibaba Group

Ticker: BABATotal revenue: $ 12,293,000,000Q4 revenue: $ 4,219,000,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 34%

Alibaba Group is a Chinese e-commerce company specialized in business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions and sales.

#5. Nautilus Inc.

Ticker: NLSTotal revenue: $ 274,447,000Q4 revenue: $ 94,931,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 34.6%

You might not know the name Nautilus well, but you likely know its product lines Bowflex, Schwinn Fitness and Universal Gym Equipment.

#4. Cabela’s Inc.

Ticker: CABTotal revenue: $ 3,647,650,000Q4 revenue: $ 1,274,624,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 34.9%

A retailer tailored to the outdoorsman (or woman), Cabela’s sells everything from clothing to equipment for camping, fishing, shooting and more.

#3. Kate Spade & Co.

Ticker: KATETotal revenue: $ 1,138,603,000Q4 revenue: $ 398,574,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 35%

The women’s designer handbag and clothing stores also operates the brands Kate Spade New York, Jack Spade and Adelington Design Group.

#2. EBay Inc.

Ticker: EBAYTotal revenue: $ 17,902,000,000Q4 revenue: $ 7,387,000,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 41.3%

EBay, the major online bidding marketplace, experiences its highest earnings volume in Q4 as people are looking for deals on potentially hard-to-find items.

#1. 1-800-Flowers.com Inc.

Ticker: FLWSTotal revenue: $ 1,121,506,000Q4 revenue: $ 534,275,000Q4 revenue as a percent of total revenue: 47.6%

This widely known flower company delivers arrangements to people’s doors by phone or online order.

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