Why Social Automation Is Not A Cop Out

February 4, 2016

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Just because you use social media automation software to create and send social media posts does not make you’re an unengaged robot. It means you’re being efficient and using your time wisely.

“Impersonal”, I think not!
I am by no means suggesting that using this software is enough to gain a strong social presence on its own. Instead, it should be used to plant the seed, informing, and educating prospects of your offerings. To truly flourish, further interaction with engaged connections will need to occur. This can include directly communicating to individuals who have responded to your shared posts as well as influential industry thought leaders.

Reaching wider audience
One of the great things about social media automation software is the ability to schedule posts at particular times/ dates. This allows you to create many posts at once and also gives you the added bonus of scheduling posts at times to appeal to different time zones, opening your brand to an even wider market.

Users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest post at a rapid rate, a rate you will not stand a chance of keeping up with without use of a social automation platform. I am not suggesting you should post 100 times an hour, but the more frequently you post to these sites, the more likely you are to reach and be noticed by your desired audience.

Social media advocacy
The more sophisticated automation systems can also be used as a way of enabling advocates to share your social media posts as their own. This enables them the advantage of building a reputable thought leader status, but also gives you increased brand exposure to their connections, reaching an even wider audience than before.

It also allows you to remain in control of content shared, selecting your preferred tone of voice and adhering to brand guidelines. This ensures you deliver a consistent brand message on social media.

Measuring success
Without using a social media automation system, how do you quickly and accurately know which social network you are receiving the best results from? Which you should be looking to improve upon and in what way? Yes, I know each network has their own report metrics, but how can you efficiently gain an overall picture. With sophisticated automation systems, you can even measure the success of each post, identifying if or even which advocates shared your post and what engagement it received. These are all measuring abilities I am sure you will agree are pivotal for evaluating your overall performance on social media.

So don’t by any means lose the human element of your social media efforts, but instead embrace social media automation software to; utilise your time effectively, enable advocates to share your posts, and finally analyse your overall performance so you can strategies and improve your efforts even further. Trust me you will quickly see it’s worth it!

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