What is a Webinar and How to Choose the Best Webinar Software?

What is a Webinar and How to Choose the Best Webinar Software?

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a video conference or a seminar that is conducted over the internet. Webinar services connect an individual to another individual or a group of individuals to an audience and enable them to communicate and exchange ideas over the internet all over the globe. EzTalks software is an excellent webinar program that incorporates powerful features.

What is a Webinar and How to Choose the Best Webinar Software?

Choosing the Best Webinar Tool For Your Company

Identifying and selecting the best webinar software for your business is key to the success of your company. The following characteristics of the ezTalks Webinar services should guide you in choosing the best webinar program for your business.

1. Supports Easy Scheduling of Webinars

The ezTalks Webinar allows you to set a webinar within a few seconds. All that is required of you is the topic of the webinar and the time you want to hold it. All the other requirements will be specified in the default home page making it easier to set them. A webinar program that lacks the above privilege is not worth investing in period.

2. Supports Brand Personalization

The ezTalks Webinar application provides features that allow you to customize your online webinars. Besides enabling you to include a logo in your waiting room, the software gives you more features that allow you to include your missions, objectives, and visions as a company. The uploaded logo will be included in your company’s registration page automatically. It allows you to set a good theme for your waiting room, include brief introductions of the expected speakers, set the agendas for your webinar, and specify the objectives of the seminar.

3. Supports Efficient Contacts Management

The good webinar software should help you manage and organize your new and already existing contacts effectively and efficiently. The ezTalks Webinar program has an advanced address book feature that enables you to organize, sort, and categorize your contacts into groups. You can send customized emails to the relevant groups easily. The groups also help you do an effective follow-up on targeted groups without affecting other contact groups.

4. Supports Effective Role-Switching

Role-switching is essential especially when a webinar host wants to add a panelist from the audiences. An excellent webinar service should incorporate this feature to avoid inconveniences while switching roles. An ezTalks program is a powerful tool that allows hosts to set and switch between different roles making the seminar or webinar interactive and engaging.

5. Supports Customization of the Registration Page

A good webinar program should give you a chance to personalize the registration page the way you want it. The ezTalks Webinar service allows you to add more fields to the registration page. Additionally, the tool enables you to specify the type of information you want to get from your audiences such as email, age, and region.

6. Supports Interactive Features

A good webinar should allow you to use optional features to enrich your presentation and make it as personal as possible. Attractive choices like screen sharing, an online whiteboard, polls & survey and etc. provide an effective way to keep your audience engaged. It would be better if all the interactive sessions can be recorded as you want for future reference or easy sharing/promotion.

The above tips are essential in ensuring that you select and pay for the best webinar software that will make your online webinars as interactive, effective, and efficient as possible. Additionally, choosing the best webinar tool could be the spark that will take your business to the next level. The importance of an effective webinar service cannot be overemphasized.


Purpose of a Webinar

Most companies and organizations use webinars to take their businesses to the next level. In this article, we will focus on the ezTalks Webinar services to learn about what to look for while selecting the best webinar software.

1. Webinars Attract Online Traffic

Webinars increase a company’s leads and connections significantly leading to increased sales. People are drawn more to engaging online seminars than sites that have long written contents.

2. Webinars are Powerful Tools for Building Brands

A powerful brand has a unique selling proposition which keeps it above its competitors. Through ezTalks Webinar services, you can address a specific niche, answer its questions and explain to the audience why your business is the best option. Furthermore, you can convince your customers about the quality of your services and goods, and this will enhance your brand by winning you a significant market share.

3. Webinars Help in Building Leads

ezTalks Webinar has a free trial that captures your email when you sign up for the service. If more clients sign up for your services, you will have more emails that will be viable contacts for short and long-term engagements. Having more connections means that the chances of converting most of them into sales are also high.


In summary, understanding what a webinar is and the features that one should look for when selecting the best webinar software is critical to any business that wants to be leaps ahead of its competitors. Companies and organizations should take advantage of the ezTalks Webinar tool to attract traffic to their websites and at the same time reinforce the qualities of their brands.

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