The Positions You Should Hire For Your Office

The Positions You Should Hire For Your Office

As you open your new business, you will need employees to help you with the work that you are doing. Having the right associates in your office will help you process orders quicker and have your invoices paid in a timely manner. Here are a few positions you should hire into your company.

Administrative Assistant or Receptionist

One vital member of your team is your administrative assistant or receptionist. They are the first voice your clients will hear when they call in or come by to see you during operational hours. They retrieve messages from the phone answering service for anyone who may have called once everyone has gone home. The person in this position also files important documents, creates reports, and sorts through the incoming mail and packages for your staff. Depending on their skill level, there may be duties from additional departments that they can handle as well. As you are interviewing for this job, be sure that you are aware of any talents they may possess that can be utilized in other places. 


If you are too busy during your week to tend to the company’s finances, you will want to hire an accounting department to do this for you. These employees can bill your clients for your products and services, then follow up with them if payment is slow coming back to you. They can pay invoices to your vendors, such as for the utilities, for the materials that you need to operate, and for office operations such as voicenation. If your new hire has a great deal of experience in this field, you might entrust them with calculating the payroll and administering the checks to your staff. You will want to bring on someone who has a great deal of experience with numbers for these positions. 

Customer Service

One of the first positions you should hire for is customer service. It is vital to have employees who can work one on one with your customers and take care of the problems that they may have. These staff members can provide quotes to potential clients, take orders, enter them into your systems, research problems that may have occurred, and submit the final paper to accounting to be invoiced. They can also perform sales duties for you if your company is small and they have the experience. You will want to bring friendly, helpful people into your organization that are pleasant to work with.

Executive Assistant

You are feeling overwhelmed with the things you have to do for your business and need help with the workload. Hiring an executive assistant can alleviate some of the tasks that are on your plate and free up time to tackle other important decisions. This position would have similar duties to the administrative assistant. However, they would work with you directly instead of the whole office. If you are considering bringing someone on to do this for you, you need to determine what duties you can turn over to them. You should find an associate that you feel comfortable with and is easy to communicate with.

Data Entry

As your company grows, you might find your customer service representatives struggling to keep up with the workload. One option that you can explore is hiring a data entry clerk to type the orders into your computer system so that your production department can fulfill them. This individual should be easy for your other staff members to communicate with. They should be skilled with a computer and adapt quickly to new programs. They can also be given tasks such as filing or answering calls if the administrative assistant is gone or busy. The person who takes this job can work their way into a customer service position, sales, or another area if they have the abilities to do the work.

Author: Peyton Duplechien

Marketing Content Strategist at VoiceNation (Duluth, Georgia, United States)


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