The Perfect Combination of HRMS and LMS

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson

Employee upskilling is as crucial for a corporate establishment as employee engagement. Just like the regular KRAs (Key Result Areas), learning & development must be a part of the everyday curriculum for your employees. The organizational objectives and requirements of the present can be easily addressed if your workforce indulges in interactive knowledge gaining and focuses on harnessing their skills. There are multiple options available online and offline to track and manage the learning activities of employees and support their career development. But, it would be a cherry on the cake if the LMS (Learning Management System) could be integrated with the HRMS software used by the company to get even better and more efficient output.

Here are 4 basic ways in which LMS combined with HRMS can help businesses to attain great goals:

  • Career development and planning is enhanced
  • Administrative tasks are reduced
  • Data mining efforts are facilitated
  • More professional user experience is delivered

Companies spend heavily and implement LMS only to foster the employees. Besides, the employee engagement and satisfaction also spikes up enormously and ultimately the whole business benefited from it. Imagine what it would do to the business numbers if you amalgamate HRMS suite to the system?

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 benefits of integrating LMS and HR software.

Building talent through combined capabilities

The minute you hire your employees, you get access to monitor their skills. That’s what the integrated system does for you. The HRMS software India has, focuses on building and uplifting talent that the organization employs and depends on for business growth. When Hr software and LMS co-exist, the workforce can avail rich and relevant content and incorporate the same to enhance their daily workflow. Moreover, it will promote personalized learning to boost employee productivity as well as engagement. For each stage of the employee lifecycle, a learning campaign can be implemented so that the professionals never stop learning and growing with your company.

Availing direct access to learning campaigns and materials

Employees don’t need to run to the respective HR SPOCs for all the training and knowledge-sharing sessions. They can simply access the data directly from HR software to attain additional agency and empowerment over their skills and comprehension. For instance, if someone is willing to get promoted to one position higher, he/she can simply look up in the system and acquire the required skill set for getting there in the hierarchy. Also, if the employees are placed across the globe, they can be brought together for seminars and training using this collaborative integrated system.

Facilitate career development easily

The most important type of LMS are the ones that can be tied to the functionalities of the HR software. Though training & development can be done offline, it is better if one manages the same using an integrated system to reap the benefits of the best functionalities of HRIS software in the process. The employers or T&D administrators can incorporate several modules, resources, and integrated courses in the system to make the learning process more efficient and interactive.

Rewarding & recognizing workforce for upskilling

There are various options to reward employees virtually based on the improvement in their work show. Since the HRMS software has an extended feature of Performance Tracking & Assessment, it can be combined with the learning & development progress of the employees to witness their growth and recognize them accordingly. There are various rewarding examples like virtual money, redeemable reward points, online gift vouchers, and cashback offers that the employees can be acknowledged with.

Resolving issues with ease and convenience

Lastly, since the HRMS software India is largely focused on employee engagement & satisfaction, ensuring proper grievance handling is a priority. So, the whole process of L&M or T&D is supervised using the HR software and any challenges faced by the employee are instantly resolved. There are options of chatbots and instant messengers to talk to the support team. Moreover, if there is an issue, employees can simply give remote access to the IT team and the problems would be resolved within seconds.

Are you ready for the integration?

Since now you know all the boons of mixing both the systems up, it is advisable to try an integrated LMS and HRMS at your organization. It will definitely help in achieving the following profits:

  • Getting everything in place
  • Understanding your talent better
  • Setting the tone & expectations early
  • Making it simple and more rewarding

It’s time for you to decide if you want to do things the traditional way or the advanced & integrated way when it comes to the learning & development of your workforce!

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