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The Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship

by Johnny MarxOctober 9, 2016 Manufacturers have two primary channels for getting their products to market and putting them in the hands of customers. The first channel is direct sales, which holds many challenges for manufacturers. Direct sales—selling directly to customers—requires manufacturers to be specialists in every aspect of the marketing and supply chain strategies … Continue reading The Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship

The Manufacturer-Distributor Dynamic: 4 Tips

by Caroline GoanOctober 1, 2016 The maintenance of a good manufacturer-distributor relationship has ramifications across all points of the supply chain. On a company-specific level, effectively nurturing a strong connection with suppliers and customers can equate to competitive pricing, higher availability, and the effective sharing of industry-sensitive information. On a wider basis, time and effort … Continue reading The Manufacturer-Distributor Dynamic: 4 Tips