Official AMP plugin for WordPress released

  • After more than three years of development and testing, the AMP Project has made the version 1.0 stable plugin freely available to WordPress users.

    Just a week after the momentous release of WordPress 5.0, the open-source Google-backed AMP project has launched the official version 1.0 of its plugin, which is aimed at helping users of the content management system speed up web pages on mobile devices.

    The plugin was originally released in October 2015. The v1.0 release has been extensively tested and is considered production-ready. (Still, in the few days since the original release, the group has already made a few tweaks and put out version1.0.1.)

    Developers say this release is seamlessly integrated with standard WordPress content creation workflows, functioning both for those using the classic editor and those using the new Gutenberg block-based editor. The plugin wants to make it easy for users of the web’s most popular CMS to build sites entirely in AMP.

    According to the blog post announcing the release, “The official AMP plugin for WordPress provides essential tools and functionality for AMP content creation, the WordPress way. It is important to note that the plugin is not a completely turn-key solution to ‘AMPlify your site,’ but instead functions as a key enabling technology for a fully AMP compatible WordPress ecosystem.”

    The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project expects to continue to add new features and support going forward, with the ultimate goal of providing “turn-key solutions site owners can leverage to easily provide awesome AMP experiences regardless of their level of savviness.”

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