How To Make Quality Videos For YouTube

April 11, 2015

Making a video for YouTube may sound like a huge project, but with the right materials and preparation, it can be easy and fun! Videos are a great way to connect with fans on a new and more-detailed level, by showing them your tutorials or talking to them about your favorite products and tips. So how can you make a successful YouTube channel and what are the materials you need to collect? Read to find out.

Items You’ll Need To Get

– Video Camera with 1080p quality (or a DSLR with video capabilities)
~ 720p is good too, just a step down
~ Make sure the camera has an external mic input port for better sound!
– An external microphone (one that will connect to the camera for better sound and much easier editing)
– A tripod / a steady cam
– Program/software to add an intro and ending to your videos (iMovie is fine for beginners)
– A nice spot with good lighting (or a circular light ring is great too!)

After The Video Is Made

Wondering how you can get better YouTube SEO? Check out this list of ways to improve YouTube SEO with tips from YouTube itself!

– The video title is very important (Keywords! Write what you’d search to find this)
– Write a detailed description explaining the video
– Tag and categorize the video appropriately
– Choose a good thumbnail
– Use annotations to get more followers (or whatever your goal is) but keep them small and non-distracting
– Monetize your video (if you have ownership to every aspect, like music)
Optimize your channel if you have extra time
– Utilize analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t

Anyone can make a video and upload it to YouTube. The key is picking a niche and sticking to that. Whether it be tutorials or quick how-tos, daily or weekly updates, mashups of your blog posts, or a peek into your daily life, you can gain a unique set of subscribers with professional-looking videos. Do you love to cook? Start a cooking channel! Do you manage a haircare brand? Start making some hairstyle tutorial videos using your products. Do you have a blog about travel? Start making travel videos with tips on the best places to go in a new city. Below are some great examples of YouTubers that have accumulated a strong following with their own video channels.

Michelle Phan
Lauren Curtis
Carli Bybel
Tanya Burr
Kandee Johnson

Yoga With Adriene
Amanda Russell
Tara Stiles

Tyler Oakley
Lauren Elizabeth
Daily Bumps
Troye Sivan
Jenna Marbles

Laura in the Kitchen
Byron Talbott
Charli’s Crafty Kitchen
Brothers Green Eats
Rosanna Pansino
How To Cook That

L’oreal Paris NYC

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