How to Get Your Website Noticed in 6 Steps

November 30, 2015

Creating a blog or a website entails a painstaking process where you think about details such as content, design, and so on. After setting up your space on the World Wide Web, your next challenge lies in establishing your online presence among your target audience. But what do you do to get your website noticed by your ideal readers? With consumers having a vast selection of information at their fingertips, how can you stand out from the competition?

According to Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot,co-founder of the inbound marketing software company,  effective content is all about what people will read and spread out. “[Y]our aim should be to create content that people want to [read] and share.” But how can you achieve that? Listed below are tips on effective content marketing, superb content curation strategy, use of impressive visuals, and so on. Apply these in your content creation and start gaining online presence.

Always keep your target market in mind

Photo Courtesy of me and the sysop via Flickr

Photo Courtesy of me and the sysop via Flickr

You may think of different topics to write about in your pursuit of a great content strategy. However, remember that you are writing for your audience. Having a website will only get you nowhere if you try to please everyone.

One of the foremost content marketing tips that you should follow is to focus on your target readers so you can write about something that they need. Direct your energy towards people that matter for your business. Furthermore, classify them into sub-segments as needed. This way, you will not only effectively command their attention, but you will also avoid exerting futile efforts.

Way to go, SEO!

Photo Courtesy of jaredrendell via Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of jaredrendell via Pixabay

You cannot just expect your readers to stumble upon your website by chance. Most online searches are done with users motivated by the information that they need on the internet. With this, make them find your content right where they want it.

Incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) keywords into your articles so your content shows up according to your target market’s online search. Shah suggests putting your desired keywords early on in your sentences so that Google can receive stronger signals from your content and rank your website better.

Shah adds that great content attracts links from powerful websites, increasing your chances to up your search engine ranking.

Get started on content curation

Every content marketer should already know this fundamental truth by heart: Content is king. With this, why not collect and share the best content there is on the internet?

Content curation, which gathers the most relevant online posts, is a great content marketing strategy that’s been popular since 2010.

But one does not just go ahead to compile a bunch of articles. Content curation entails a systematic manner, which follows a certain model and a specific approach, in accordance to your content marketing strategy. There are also content curation tools that you should take advantage of and content curation ethics that you should take into account.

Learn how to curate content and it may just be one of the content marketing solutions that your website needs.

Visuals reign content marketing

Most of the time, text alone won’t pique the interest of your target readers. Big chunks of words can be an eyesore to some people, so you have to make sure that your content has just the right mix of sentences and visuals.

Visuals are the key to a superb content. Visuals appeal to audiences because people are, by nature, visual beings. Images can give you a different experience that words may not provide. In the same way, infographics make it a whole lot easier to process mind-boggling information. Because of this, not only do people find content with terrific visuals more interesting, they also tend to share it to their friends.

Emotions can get you to good places

Photo Courtesy of FirmBee via Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of FirmBee via Pixabay

Content marketers can get their hands on different tools and technological advancements to boost their website. You can crunch all the numbers you want to analyze what will best get you ahead of your game. However, at the end of the day, keep in mind that online audiences are mainly motivated by one thing: emotions.

This is why you should definitely take into your content marketing strategy how to empathize with your target market. Know how to make your website intuitive for them. Aim to have your user experience in sync with their emotions. Remember, UX design meets emotional intelligence.

Make your audience breeze through your content by offering a simplified walk-through. Interact and impress through your design. Prepare a witty or a funny page design to soothe their frustration in case they find missing links. Put yourself in your target market’s shoes and ask what you would like to find in content.

Get social

Social media is such a potent tool that you can use to your brand’s advantage. People love to connect with other people and this shows in the immense popularity of social networking sites. To reach more people with less effort, make great content and tap into online communities.

Embed your social media accounts and enable people to like, comment on, and share from your website. Engage with your online readers, making sure to respond to their comments and messages in an appropriate and timely manner. Participate in online forums and connect with other people in your field. In time, your online followers will be the ones spreading the word about your content.

Content marketing may be a cutthroat environment, given how many online articles crop up at an astonishingly rapid pace. But with the right mix of content marketing strategies, your content can establish online presence for your brand.

Understand that these are just some of the suggestions that you can do to boost your online presence through marketing content. Take note that not all of these may work with every website. The key here is to try your hand in different things, analyze what works best, and iterate. It may take some time for you to gain a solid readership base, but once you do, it will be well worth it.

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