Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting Provider [Infographic]

Up until a few months ago, having a website associated with your business was still optional. Sure, it wasn’t a great decision to be without one, but some businesses in some locations could still do just fine without a “digital storefront.” But these days your website is a lifeline keeping you connected to your customers. Customers want to know about updated hours, safety procedures, and more before they ever decide to darken your doorstep. And the first step toward building a great website is choosing the right hosting provider.

When it comes to a business website, speed and accuracy are the two most crucial things. If your store information is not up-to-date, customers will quickly lose faith in your website. On top of that, if your website takes more than three seconds to load you may as well buy stock in your competitor.

Website hosting providers can support businesses with better loading speeds, but they can also provide support on things like security measures, automatic updates, compliance issues, and more.

WordPress is probably one of the most common CMSes out there, and as such, it is one of the easiest to navigate because there is a ton of information out there about it. You can find forums and all kinds of support and information about WordPress, and if you hire someone to work on your website chances are they know WordPress quite well.

Choosing the right hosting provider means that WordPress will come with it, backups will be automatic and nightly, updates will be automatic, there’s 24/7 support, and more. It takes a lot of the technical guesswork out of building a website.

If your business is still without a website, there has never been a better or more critical time to take the plunge. Learn more about choosing the right WordPress hosting provider from the infographic below.

Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting Provider [Infographic]

Infographic Source: WPBeginner

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