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8 Web Design Predictions For 2016 – 2017

by David Kranker December 30, 2015 Follow @ 30, 2015 In the dynamic web industry trends don’t last very long. New and exciting concepts, techniques, and tools are constantly being introduced. Creative minds are always working hard to keep the industry fresh by challenging norms and developing innovative new styles. In other words, a lot … Continue reading 8 Web Design Predictions For 2016 – 2017

3 Predictions For Online Marketing In 2016

by Chris Abraham December 28, 2015 Follow @chrisabrahamDecember 28, 2015 Happy holidays, readers! If you’re here visiting from a global fortune 500 company you may already know some of these predictions because, until now, only enterprises could hitherto afford to innovate and integrate the sort of services and application development required to go from the … Continue reading 3 Predictions For Online Marketing In 2016

Measure What Matters

Scott MontyFebruary 25, 2015 Photo credit: Buzzfeed Motion Pictures Last week, we witnessed another major milestone in presidential digital media: President Barack Obama appeared in a BuzzFeed video. The BuzzFeed Video division wanted to interview the President for a number of months; the White House was interested in pushing for more registrations on before … Continue reading Measure What Matters