Buzz-Worthy Blogging Ideas For You To Steal

by Kate Chan April 2, 2016
April 2, 2016

Difficulty: 🐰

Time Spend: 15 minutes ~

Tools Needed: Outdated Content Finder

What you’ll get out of this: A reservoir of buzz worth blogging ideas to feed on when you run out of things to blog about

Your blog ideas bank is running dry and low.

But you asked your readers to stay tuned for your the weekly blog post.

You are teetering on the edge of anxiety because your blogging reputation is on the line, and people are holding you accountability, the email subscribers, the regular readers.

What to do?

Waiting for the next great idea lighting to strike you may take some time, and that uncertainty is gnawing in from the inside because you want to take control of the situation.

The good news, you can take the bull by its horns in finding the next buzz-worthy blogging ideas by the end of this post.

No more nail-biting on what to do on your next blog post, and even better, the next next next blog posts. I’ll tell you exactly where to find your buzz worthy is blogging ideas, so the next time you hit the wall, you can refer back to this trick.

Hop on the Time Machine

Buckle down, because we are going to plow through popular blogs and use it as a hunting ground for buzz-worthy blogging ideas. To get started, go to a couple of popular blogs that share the same niche as your blog, this makes sure the blog ideas are suitable for your blog audiences. I look for popular blogs that have at least 15 pages deep of contents that I can sort through.

Get your spade ready; we are going to dig through the page 15 and work our way backward to see if there are easter eggs ideas that we can steal.

Since we don’t have any access to the popular blogs’ Google Analytics or data that tell me which blog posts are performing well, we will use what’s accessible to us to give us the answer. The commenting area is a great indicator to see if the blog posts kick off for its audiences. If there are an ongoing discussion, great, you are onto something. And secondly, look for the publish date. is it from one or more years ago?

If both requirements are met that’s a blog idea that you can stock away in your blog idea reservoir.

That is one approach.

The second approach involves using a tool that will give you data to support if the blog idea is something that you can go after.

Type in topics that align with your blog’s niche and enter the dates, preferably from one or two years ago.

It will split out lists of blog posts that related to your blog niche. Looking onto your right-hand column are domain authority, page authority, externals links. We’ll use these numbers are a barometer to see if the blog ideas are buzz worthy for us to steal. The one number that you need to focus on is the external links; this means that the numbers of other website were talking about and referring to this blog post.


That’s buzz right there.

Handing over the torch

Now that I have drawn out the roadmap for you to find the next viral blog ideas, it’s your turn to get your hands dirty. The great thing about using someone’s else old posts ideas is that you know that people are interested in that blog topic, and secondly you can see what people are saying and afterthoughts about that old blog post. Take those comments and expand on it when you are going to write the same topic. You are using these blog ideas and essentially putting your spin on it, there are some many angles that you can do with a blog idea, and that’s the beauty of blogging and writing.

Let me know what you’d found any easter eggs on old blog content, share with me below; I read every comment.

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