Are Your Emails Leaking Money?

by Carl Lewis April 30, 2016
April 30, 2016


Email marketing couldn’t be simpler, right?! You draft a winning email, send it to your subscribers and watch as the click-throughs appear on the stats. Unfortunately, it’s not always this easy. A few minor mistakes in your approach and the results won’t be worthy of the time and resources it took to implement the strategy. It’s a problem faced by many organisations, but thankfully there is a solution.

We’ve put together 10 quick and easy tips to avoid making the common mistakes. Implement some or all of these, to give your emails the best chance of being opened and read.

Stop using the word ‘subscribers’

Unless of course you want to sound like you’re emailing thousands of other individuals. Instead, tailor the email as if you’re contacting them personally. Making reference to your subscriber list may sound professional but it gives an impersonal tone.

Use a reliable ‘from’ address

A user will be more likely to click through if they are convinced by the reliability of the sender. Instead of using a generic company email, use your personal named email as the ‘from’ address.

Add statistics

The recipient may have clicked through but a large chunk of text is all that’s needed for them to hit the ‘trash’ button. It’s surprising the impact a few numbers and statistics can have. It quickly draws the eye and provides some excitement to an otherwise dull email.

Make it conversational

We’re much more likely to open and read an email from a friend than a corporation. Tailor your approach to adopt a conversational tone. Imagine you’re emailing a good friend and always use the word ‘you’. It’s a powerful tool, creating a sense of rapport and approachability.

Keep it brief

Short, emotive sentences pack the most punch. Don’t be tempted to write endless paragraphs on the company and its story. It may sound great, but it will never be read. Be stringent in your editing, cutting all unnecessary words in an effort be as concise as possible.

Avoid automated greetings

‘To whom it may concern’ and ‘yours sincerely’ have no value in today’s email marketing. Opt for a more informal greeting for a less stiff and robotic approach.

Focus on the benefits

If you’re promoting a new product or service, avoid using words and terms that oversell. Place an emphasis on the benefits and why it would bring value to your customers. Letting the product speak for itself is a great way to generate interest without looking too gimmicky.

Don’t forget links

A well-crafted email always includes subtle backlinks to your site throughout. Always include more than one, to give the best chance of converting.

Be unique

In order to set yourself apart from the thousands of other email spam, it’s important to remain unique. Try something experimental and analyse the stats to see what works. The addition of an unusual phrase can be all that’s needed to arouse curiosity.

Subscribe to the best

What marketing emails do you find yourself opening? These have managed to pique your interest and create an urge to read more. Follow any email lists which possess this ability and you can emulate what works.

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