Are You Showing Up?

August 4, 2015

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It used to be, we’d go in search of news and knowledge. We bought newspapers, watched the news, asked questions, rented books.

Now, the news comes to us. We really don’t have to go looking for it — relevant information shows up on our mobile screen or in our inbox.

And we don’t really have to remember as many things. We can count on being reminded of something two, three, four, even five times. Reminders show up on our mobile screen or in our inbox.

Sooner or later, the name we should’ve remembered, the information we should have written down or an important event reminder shows up on our mobile screen or in our inbox.

People don’t have to remember someone’s name or company or what service he provides or product she offers. They can depend on it showing up on their mobile screen or in their inbox.

And if that name, that company or that offering shows up often enough, it’ll probably appear at just the right moment — perfect timing! Successful marketing! The right moment the recipient needs to buy that product, use that service, hire that person or make a referral.

If you’re not showing up in someone’s inbox, frequently, consistently and with helpful, relevant information, don’t count on being remembered at just the right moment…that moment when someone wants to buy your product or request your services.

Showing up at just the right moment is good content marketing which means turning up in a customer’s inbox at least once a month. Even better? Once a week. Show up with your new article, an enewsletter, a blog post, a social media post, a new podcast, share a helpful piece of industry news; some piece of content that the recipient will find valuable, entertaining and engaging.

Woody Allen once famously said, “80% of success is showing up.”

Are you showing up? Or are you just waiting for someone to find you?

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