A Tale of Two Clients

by Laura Donovan February 14, 2016
February 14, 2016


My company has been working for two service companies for a while now. One specializes in HVAC; the other offers both HVAC and plumbing services. One is growing. The other is not doing as well and blames the fact that there is a lot of competition in his area.

Our involvement with each of these clients started when we designed their websites several years ago. We registered each business on Local Google and used SEO best practices when we developed the sites. At first, both sites enjoyed Page 1 of Google results.

However, while one of our clients updated his website often, used Facebook every day, and was active on other social sites. The other did nothing with his website. He hadn’t published a Facebook post in over a year.

A few weeks ago, I met with both clients about their marketing programs.

The first client told us he was doing very well in his town, and had recently moved to a larger facility. He was interested in expanding his reach to surrounding towns. We decided to update his website and add blog pages, highlighting the work he had done in surrounding towns. This gave him a boost to his SEO for those towns. We also updated his SEO plug-in to make sure that each of his pages was as SEO friendly as possible. We instituted an incentive program to get people to review him on Google. We suggested he start using Facebook ads.

He recently emailed that he was now getting additional business, not only from his town, but also from the surrounding towns that we had highlighted on his website. His new customers were telling him that they were finding him on Google and Facebook. He is a happy client.

During our meeting with the second business, the owner told us that he was using a local business directory and was getting some business there. However, things were slow. He didn’t believe anyone was finding his website, which seemed to have “fallen off” Google.

Since we had not touched his website in over two years, we suggested an update and an SEO review. We suggested a blog, including photos of recent jobs.

We also told him that we believed an aggressive Facebook campaign, including Facebook ads, would help him get new customers. While he said that he kept hearing that he should be using Facebook, and that other home service providers in his area were having success with Facebook ads, he was still unsure that it would work for him. He said he would think about it and get back to us.

To date, he has not updated his website, is still not using Social Media.

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