7 SEO Tips for Beginners From an SEO Consultant

April 30, 2016

Several businesses every day send me emails, looking to hire an SEO specialist to help them with their business before they’ve even done basic optimization themselves. Before fronting $ 200-500 per month on an SEO service, every business should look at doing basic optimization in house.

1. Focus on the user’s intention

A few years back, every online marketer wanted to maximize the traffic to the website. With the current Google policies, it is more about how the visitors interact with the website. The main point of focus is the post-click actions. Will the user find the answers once they click on your link, or will they have to continue clicking on other results? You should be able to satisfy the intention of the visitor once they make the click. The more the user gets engaged with the content on your website, the better the ranking. Google SERP CTR and bounce rate have become an important manipulation for SEO professionals.

2. Make your articles longer

It has been studied that longer articles that range between 1200 and 1500 words deliver better results on the search engine. Compared to about three years ago, many web marketers opted for shorter articles of around 300 words.

Long articles have proven to be more productive than the shorter ones, and they get more traffic as well. With these articles, they contain more information than the shorter articles. The best way to deliver the long articles is by breaking it with subheadings, some sets of bullet points, along with catchy images. This way, readers will have an easier and enjoyable time as they read through the entire article.

3. Incorporate relevant videos

Videos are also known to yield better ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages. One research was carried out by Marketing Land, a leading digital marketing company. Marketing Land reported that videos contributed to over 60% of the searches made on Google.

It is also reported that the videos online get better organic page ranking than plain texts. For that, you can include an engaging video clip that is also not too long. This will also boost the number of clicks on the search engine.

4. Include a voice search function

Google has enabled people to use the voice search, especially when on the go, or when they cannot type the keywords. This can be handy when the user is multitasking, driving, or even in the bathtub. The voice search function has eliminated the need to type in the long-tail keywords. Most of the latest mobile devices have a voice search function, so you can incorporate this on your website. For instance, Domino’s Pizza includes the voice ordering feature on its website. This way, it can be easier for customers to place orders from any location or in any situation.

5. Don’t forget about local SEO

Too many developing businesses target the rest of the country or the world to boost their SEO ranking. Experts advise that people should target the local SEO so as to strengthen their online popularity. Google also requires the marketers to declare their location by utilizing the local SEO. Focus on the local audience before you spread your wings further.

6. Make sure your website loads quickly

Google provides free tools to analyze your page speed. You simply enter in your website URL and the tool will point out areas of improvement to increase your page speed. There are so many websites that lack this basic ranking signal.

7. Have a mobile-friendly version

Above all, ensure that you optimize your website for mobile devices. This way, many people can access and read your content easily and conveniently from wherever they are located. Google will mark your site as “Mobile-friendly” beside your SERP, once you’ve done this.

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