7 Habits Of Successful Bloggers (That You Can Copy!)

August 23, 2016

7 Habits of Successful Bloggers

Every successful blogger started just like you— from zero.

It took them a while — and hard work — to earn their ‘hero’ status. It took them effort and sacrifices. But look where they are now!

Darren Rowse and Jon Morrow are probably the most popular bloggers in the blogging niche. Spencer Haws is a big name in the website building and affiliate marketing niche.

If you have been wondering what secret recipe every big blogger out there ever used to make it to the top ranks in the blogosphere and earn tons of loyal fans, traffic and revenue, here are 7 habits they built and rely upon every day to keep success coming.

Take inspiration, then act!

1. They don’t wait for opportunities to fall over their heads

Successful bloggers go out of their way to find their blogging opportunities. They actively and aggressively promote their content. They send out emails to other bloggers, brands, influencers and invite them to make a connection or to review something they created. They are active on social media and niche communities where they can network and connect with alike minds.

If you want opportunities, you must stay vigilant for new ways to create relationships and never lay dormant waiting for new occasions — create them!

2. They create something of value for their readers

See what Jane Sheeba, Jon Morrow and Carol Tice have created for their most loyal followers and subscribers — free guides, checklists, ebooks, courses, email newsletters.

There is a ton of value for their readers to walk away with! Carol Tice shares her 100+ Freelance Writing Questions Answered with her subscribers; Jon Morrow has a very interesting Headline Hacks booklet for those readers who decide to join his newsletter. Jane Sheeba has an entire library of free content for her subscribers.

Pro bloggers are a bottomless well of new ideas they will regularly turn into projects their readers will love.

Do this, too, and your readers will not forget you (actually, they’ll come back for more!).

3. They use words wisely

Successful bloggers don’t overwhelm their readers. They are concise and to-the-point when necessary, they are entertaining and conversational when they know they need the best of their reader’s attention and collaboration.

They craft blog posts as if their life depended on it (and sometimes that’s the real deal, when they make a living out of their blogs). Indeed, their posts are memorable.

How do you use words in your posts? If you get stuck, some copywriting tips may come to your rescue.

4. They study their audience and ask for feedback

Successful bloggers don’t write for everybody. They carefully select a niche and an audience, they study it through regular social reading (networks, communities, forums), magazines and books, they ask questions, setup polls and surveys to see what their readers want to see on their favorite blog.

The closer the relationship with the audience, the more feedback you receive, the better the outcome.

5. They never lack motivation and they are committed to their blogs

Top bloggers never let their blogs go stale. They make time for blogging in their daily or weekly schedule and they make a commitment to stick to the decision to blog on that given day or hour, regardless of their moods.

Sometimes you may not want to blog at all, but if you promised to your readers, you’ve got to stick to your promise.

6. They are humble

See how Jeff Goins talks to readers and portrays himself on his blog. He’s always humble, always a learner, always taking fellow bloggers and his readers in the highest consideration.

Successful bloggers are not arrogant or self-centered. They are confident, but humble; strong but open to others’ ideas and advice.

Listening is always a must, not an option, especially if you want others to listen to you.

7. They love learning

Pro bloggers are curious beings, they won’t stop to the most superficial layer of a topic, but they will go deep, navigating ideas, theories, facts and statistics, and they will make their readers aware of them.

The fuel that drives them to blog more and more is exactly this love of learning and to dig up details that will help both their writing and their life as human beings.

To the reader, the value provided is immense.

Share your experience with blogging in the comments below. Maybe you already have what it takes to be a successful blogger!

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Author: Luana Spinetti