Understanding Social Media Best Practices for Publicly Held Companies

Late last month, in a publicly stated effort to assist investor relations officers in their use of social media as a research and communications platform, Business Wire – the folks that help businesses distribute their press releases around the world –  published one of the most helpful guides we’ve seen in quite some time.

The Benefits & Risks of Social Media for Financial Communication Professionals is a comprehensive guidance report that details the opportunities and risks of using social media in today’s investor relations programs.

Included are 12 ways investor relations professionals can leverage social media tools for a stronger, more effective engagement program, as well as 12 reasons why social media platforms are not compliant communication tools.

“Over the last 50 years Business Wire has watched a wide range of tools emerge, to enhance the relationship between public companies and their core constituents,” says Tom Becktold, senior vice president of marketing for Business Wire. “We weigh and measure the current and future impact of these tools on all relevant audiences – financial, media, internal and consumer to ensure we are providing the best guidance possible for our thousands of members worldwide.”Understanding Social Media Best Practices for Publicly Held Companies Understanding Social Media Best Practices for Publicly Held Companies

“Social media platforms are natural hosts for interaction and engagement, and when used correctly are key components of the 2014 communications mosaic,” Becktold adds. “A strong social communications program enhances brand reputation, increases message adoption, creates transparency and provides media and analysts with insights, tools and supporting materials they need to write articles or research reports.”

This helpful guide is available for download now and at no charge. To get it, click here.