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December 4, 2015


As I look at 2016, I really see a bigger need to break through all of the noise of information that surrounds us. It is a daunting task to find new ways to keep our company information fresh in the eyes and minds of our clients. The amount of noise we face each day is growing and many companies are not getting noticed like they did in the past. What are you doing to keep your company information in front of your clients?

Here are some areas I am currently working on:

Upgrading Company Website
I say this every year, but it is so true. The need to make the website simpler and easier to access is becoming more and more critical. Integrating new processes into websites and not making them too complex is the key.

Evaluating Communication Channels
Obviously, social media platforms come to mind, but finding a way to use them effectively still remains the key. No one has the time for idle chatter and it is critical to producing information that gets noticed and ultimately creates sales.

Use of Company Logo
Notice I did not say branding. Evaluate your logo and come up with a plan to use it consistently on products, brochures, email signatures, social media sites. Our company is currently going through this step.

Well-Planned Transparency
Transparency is becoming more and more of a requirement. The companies that do it best have a good plan to work from and achieve this through consistency and properly written information.

Handling Client Comments and Complaints
Come up with a process to handle client feedback and complaints. Document this information and determine what future steps to take. This area can really make quite a difference if you document it and track it.

Make it Easier for People to Get a Hold of You
If you make your email and phone number available, people will call. I continue to look at ways to make this information easily accessible.

Here are some areas I will be looking at in the future:

Effectively using text messages
How can I use this communication channel to connect with our clients.

Mobile Apps
What real-time information can I provide on our current app that would be beneficial to our clients.

Find Innovative Ways to Present Data
There is a huge need to showcase information in way that is more beneficial to clients.

This is the list I am currently working on. All of these areas involve some type of planning and execution. Where are you spending your time with respect to getting your company information out to the masses? What other areas would you add? It should be a priority for all marketers and executives going into 2016.

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