25 Blog Post Templates To Make Blogging Faster

By September 6th, 2016


We’ve all been there – it’s time to write your next blog post and you have no clue where to start. For many writers and non-writers alike, the difficult part isn’t coming up with an idea or a topic to write about. Structuring your thoughts into a readable, skim-able and engaging blog post that your audience will stick around to read is the challenging part.

Luckily for us bloggers, there are a wealth of blog post templates out there that can serve as a starting point for laying out your next great blog. Whether you want to write a how to post, listicle, review or other style of blog post, you’ll find a simple to follow structure among these templates:

1. The Foolproof Formula for Writing a Solid Blog Post [Template]


This template from HubSpot is a mad-libs style, fill-in-the-blanks template that guides you through the creation of a blog post that addresses a topic particular to your industry.

The result is a short and sweet article that is simple to replicate using different topics and problems that pertain to your readers.

2. The Content Rules Easy-Peasy Blog Post Template

If the thought of starting with a blank page frightens you, begin with this template. It guides you through the creation of your entire post, from its title to conclusion.

This handy guide also includes great tips on promoting your blog post once it’s live.

3. How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in Five Steps

Follow the steps in this guide (or use this blog post itself as a template!) to create a plan for your blog post, research and publish it.

This particular guide is especially great for those who have been tasked to write an article on a topic they’re not familiar with.

4. 5 Blog Post Templates In Word Format

Drawing a blank? These editable Word documents offer writing prompts and plenty of guidance to help you write an SEO-friendly, engaging blog post.

Check out these templates from Alana Le to write a post that speaks to a personal lesson, offers advice and more.

5. 3 Great Blog Post Structures You Can Use Today

This guide focuses on the different styles of blog posts and how to write them.

If you’re looking to create a how to post, list or review, these three structures provide you with an outline, making it simple to start writing.

6. A Blog Post to Help You Write Blog Posts [+5 Free Blogging Templates]

Another great resource from HubSpot, this super-detailed roadmap to writing a blog post includes editable templates that guide you sentence-by-sentence.

All you need is an idea and you’re ready to start writing!

7. The 5-Step Template for Writing Amazing Blog Posts

This blog post outline has you start with a personal story to create an engaging post.

Jonathan Goodman takes you through each step of his process with examples so you can mimic his style and quickly generate a meaningful blog.

8. A Really Useful Blog Post Template

This visual template outlines the essential parts of an effective blog post, offering users a framework for not only how to write a great post, but also lay it out in an attractive format with images, headers, bullet points and more.

9. How To Write The Perfect Blog Post + Free Blog Post Template

Grab this downloadable template from Glitz & Grammar to get started on your own perfect blog post, with a focus on finding the right topic to set you up for success.

This guide is ideal for new bloggers, as well as those who simply need a refresher course.

10. The Top 7 Blog Post Templates That Work!

Here’s a great resource for templates that will allow you to create all types of blogs.

From list posts to interviews, round-ups and reviews, you’ll find a template that works for the kind of post you’re looking to create.

11. A 6-Step Writing Process to Blog More and Stress Less

Digital marketing guru Jeff Bullas offers this process for putting together a repeatable blog post writing system that won’t make you dread your weekly blogging task. Be sure to download his blog post checklist to make sure you don’t miss any crucial elements.

12. Blog Post Templates for Writers Who Drum to Their Own Beat

Just need a little bit of guidance to get started? These seven basic bullet-point templates provide a framework for your writing and allow you to stay focused and write on-topic and readable blogs.

13. How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

If you prefer a visual blog post template, here’s another one from Social Triggers that demonstrates how to lay out your headings, text, images and calls-to-action for maximum results.

14. The Ultimate Guide to Writing Blog Posts That Rank in Google’s Top 10

Looking to create a blog post that drives traffic to your website? Check out Neil Patel’s guide to writing a blog that ranks.

This incredibly detailed article walks writers through each step for maximum SEO impact, with easy-to-follow examples.

15. Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post

Whether your blog is personal or business-related, this six component blogging guide can help you craft a post that connects with your readers.

With a focus on offering a personal experience, this template will have you creating a structured post that still feels natural and conversational.

16. The 8-Step Formula for Writing an Amazing Blog Article in 60 Minutes

Another excellent step by step guide by Neil Patel, this formula will allow you to create a quality blog post in a short amount of time.

However, he emphasizes that these rules are made to be broken! Use this template as a guide, not a rulebook.

17. The Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post (Infographic)

Check out this eye-catching graphic that illustrates how to construct your blog post.

In addition to guidance on how to structure your post, it offers some handy SEO tips and layout ideas for a great looking blog.

18. Write better and faster using these blog post templates

This post recommends creating a template that reflects your personal writing style to make drafting your blogs much easier.

Blog author Belle Beth Cooper offers examples of how she’s templated 3 bloggers’ writing structures for you to follow, or create your own.

19. Killer Blog Post Outline

The key to writing a killer blog post is to properly plan before you set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!)

Simply download and print this PDF template and start filling it in to develop an outline for your next blog.

20. The Curated Collection Blog Post Template

Want to curate a bunch of your favourite statistics, articles, videos or websites? This blog template is for you!

Follow this structure and you’ll have a detailed post that puts the content you’re rounding up into context.

21. A Fool-Proof Formula for Easily Creating Compelling Content

Your audience + a great headline + a hook = amazing content.

Follow this formula from Copyblogger to get into the rhythm of writing outstanding blog posts that will really engage your readers.

22. Templates for Quick and Easy Content Creation

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing includes 12 different blog post templates to help you put together nearly any type of blog you can imagine.

Sample blog posts in each format are provided for inspiration.

23. How to Write a Blog Post – From Start to Finish, as Shown on This Cut-Out-‘N-Keep Blog Post Blueprint

This graphic guides you through the blogging process to help you flesh out your ideas.

One of the best features of this template are the questions it asks the writer once they have finished their piece. Is your post worth sharing? Is it useful? Should it be divided into smaller posts?

24. How To Build The Perfect Blog Post Blueprint

Another template with a “blueprint” theme, this graphic offers a thorough look at each section of a great blog post.

This is a great guideline to print out and keep handy at your desk for reference any time you sit down to blog.

25. How to Write a Blog Post: A Full Breakdown of How We Do it at Buffer

For insight into how the experts blog, take a look at Buffer’s walkthrough.

This framework even gives you an estimate of the time it should take you to accomplish each task involved in writing your blog post, from creating the outline to writing and editing.

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25 Blog Post Templates To Make Blogging Faster

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