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Pompano Beach, FL — (SBWIRE) — 07/07/2014 — Businesses now have access to increasingly sophisticated email marketing tools that target consumers in more efficient campaigns, thus making time and dollars spent more effective and productive. Horizon Advertising & Email Lists is the company behind this revolutionary approach to online advertising and email communication. The Pompano Beach company has spent the past decade and a half at the forefront of email marketing by providing custom-tailored email lists and email marketing solutions that deliver proven and consistent revenue-increasing returns for their end users.

The Company has established itself as a leader in the industry by bringing together the best talent in the field – veterans of the industry who understand business needs, consumer psychology, and client relations. Horizon Advertising & Email Lists is tirelessly committed to providing outstanding customer satisfaction with a hands-on approach in a field more typically known for being nameless and impersonal. According to one end-user, “Horizon Advertising & Email Lists provides only the best cutting-edge products and services in order to ensure its business customers receive a meaningful return on their investment.”

With 2.9 billion people using the internet worldwide, businesses are relying increasingly on web-based marketing and advertising to reach their target markets. With the ability to so easily reach millions upon millions of customers comes the need to tailor theses approaches for relevance and efficiency. Horizon Advertising & Email Lists has set itself apart in providing a unique marketing value-add by ensuring its products are reliable, targeted, and fast. The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, reports that over 100 billion emails are sent and received each day. Horizon Advertising & Email Lists recognizes the steep competition for the attention of users who have many web distractions and technological interruptions, thus making for new and unique marketing challenges. The Company is up for the challenge though, and works side-by-side with its business clients to provide a reach that is local, national, or global based on the specific and unique needs of the clients they are serving.

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Horizon Advertising & Email Lists is a Florida-based advertising, marketing, and communications company with a local, national, and global reach. The Company provides a portfolio of products and services including customizable email marketing lists, email campaign services, and targeted website advertising. They are passionately dedicated to swiftly and accurately meeting the ever-changing needs of their clients in a very fast-pace technological marketplace. For more information on Horizon Advertising & Email Lists visit their website at


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