Master The 4 Types Of Product Instagrams

August 16, 2015

When sharing an Instagram with a product to feature in mind, it’s important to keep that balance of personal aesthetic and making sure the brand is happy. Below we’ve shared four different styles of product Instagrams that have a nice balance of inspiration and promotion, with examples from pro-bloggers and top Instagram influencers, Sincerely Jules and Damsel in Dior.

1. The Flat Lay — Let a product shine by surrounding it with beautiful + inspirational items, like flowers, candles, accessories, home decor or food/drink.

– This can be taken directly above the items or at a slight angle in front (as shown below).

– Solid white backgrounds are always a winner, although solid backgrounds of other colors or subtle patterns like tiling and wood also work well.

– Make sure to leave visible space between each item to keep it looking nicely organized.

Example 1 by Sincerely Jules

Example 2 by Sincerely Jules

2. The First Person — Give viewers a sense of being in the moment, by taking photos from a first person angle. It helps promote aspirational dreams relating to the product.

– Keep it real. Hold the camera in a spot that would resemble what someone would be seeing themselves.

– Centering the product (while on or being held) is a good way to keep it feeling personal and clean.

Starbucks and Nordstroms’ Instagrams both have a lot of first-person shots.

Example 3 by Sincerely Jules

Example 4 by Sincerely Jules

3. The Minimalist — Showcase a product in a natural setting, but in a way that doesn’t have the potential to distract viewers with busy backgrounds and settings.

– Stick to the rule of thirds with these shots. Minimalist shots can look a little too promotional when perfectly centered.

– Shoot the item(s) on a simple background. Keeping the atmosphere of the shot more natural is key, like on sheets or on a table keeps it feeling more organic than somewhere it wouldn’t belong, like on the ground or held up to the sky.

– Make sure lighting is on point with these shots. Bright, natural indirect lighting is best.

Example 5 by Damsel in Dior

Example 6 by Damsel in Dior

4. The Scene —Now that you’ve mastered those minimalist shots, it’s time to start giving life to products on Instagram. Shoot the product with beautiful scenery and even a storyline in the description for viewers to envision themselves partaking in. It gives life behind the product.

– You don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of money to create an amazing background for a shot. It takes a little creativity. Rent a kayak or paddle board, hike somewhere with a beautiful view, find a rooftop, or ask a friend to take you on their boat for the day.

– These shots help create a story and life behind the product. Make sure the location fits the brand’s style. Where would someone with Louboutins go? Probably not somewhere too outdoorsy. Have fun with it and focus on keeping it aspirational, but always keep it brand consistent.

Example 7 by Damsel in Dior

Example 8 by Damsel in Dior

As you can see, by keeping a promotional Instagram looking natural and beautiful, the product in the shot sells itself. The next important step is ensuring action is taken by followers. Since it isn’t possible to add clickable links to Instagram descriptions, brands and influencers can agree on the appropriate call to action plan for the post. The influencer can share the product link on their blog and mention to fans to learn more + purchase there, temporarily update their profile link, or simply tag the brand(s) in the shot. Not only can sales increase, increased brand awareness and positive brand association are typically highly affected with sponsored Instagram posts as well. Check out the comments on these examples and you’ll see for yourself!

Any product shots we missed? Who are your favorite Instagrammers? Share them in the comments below.

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